Rice Crispy Square in Autumn colors | chocolate treat for Fall


  • A favorite snack for kids (of all ages) in Autumn colors
  • Milk chocolate covered puffed rice and marshmallow
  • Festive sugar shapes and candies
  • Individually wrapped in clear cellophane, 2 oz.



Fall into this tasty treat Our chocolatiers transform a rice crispy square into an Autumn surprise. Chocolate candies and sugar sprinkles in fall’s best colors make this rice crispy square extra special. Individually wrapped in clear cellophane, 2 oz.

We always knew our chocolatiers were good at creating new gourmet chocolate treats but they may have outdone themselves with this Autumn rice crispy square. If chocolate could dress up for fall, then this would be what it wears! Here’s the perfect seasonal snack for Thanksgiving table favors, lunchbox treat or movie night munchie.

We have a cornucopia of delicious autumn sweets that are all handcrafted by Chocolate Pizza Company. We use the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate available and add a creative touch that makes all of our confections unique, delicious and impressive. People love to get a gift from Chocolate Pizza Company because they know it is going to be awesome. Our line-up of Autumn candy favorites includes the Autumn Colors Chocolate Pizza, Peanut Butter Wings and “Grateful for You” Chocolate Pizza.

Chocolate Pizza Company has been featured on Food Network, Discovery Channel, NBC’s Today Show and other major media both nationally and internationally. Everything we make is handcrafted by skilled chocolatiers – no mass production by mindless machines for our treats including the Halloween peanut butter cup. You can taste the difference our chocolate makes and see the difference our chocolatiers make in creating gift ideas that are one-of-a-kind. After all, who makes better chocolate than Chocolate Pizza Company? Nobody.