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Are you looking for impressive holiday chocolate gifts to celebrate the holidays in grand style? Holiday combos, such as our Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings, take our amazingly indulgent gourmet chocolate and bring it to a higher level. These extravagant combos make perfect gifts for family, friends or business associates when you want to present them with something unique and stand out from the crowd.

Part of the fun of choosing our Christmas chocolate gift packs is that you can anticipate your gift recipients getting a kick out of the novelty of our fast food versions of famous takeout food. It’s a level of uniqueness that causes buzz while attracting chocolate and snack lovers in droves. One of the nice things about our gifts is that they tend not to last very long. That’s because our handmade chocolates are among the best when it comes to flavor and texture.

We start with rich Swiss-style chocolate and blend in homemade English toffee to create a special texture and taste that is the most luscious chocolate sensation you’ve ever experienced! Why buy standard gift baskets when you can amaze friends and family with an unexpected delight like our Chocolate Pizza?

Our holiday combos include our famous ​Chocolate ​Pizza, which features rich milk or dark chocolate. Instead of New York or Chicago style, you can contemplate chocolate style as you make your selection. With most of our delicious pizza pies, we blend in English toffee, made in small batches using a local recipe from the early 1900s. The premium quality chocolate that we use has a higher milk content for a richer chocolate. It’s also somewhat sweeter than ordinary chocolate, with a velvety mouth-feel that sets it apart as fine, high-end chocolate. And the Peanut Butter Wings? They’re crisp, rippled potato chips generously covered in peanut butter and then drenched in chocolate.

As you can see, our peanut butter and chocolate desserts are well thought out and created with an eye towards high-end gourmet taste. Our holiday chocolate gifts are crafted for the most discriminating chocolate aficionados. And yet, the fun factor is always front and center, making your gift choice a double winner for taste and overall uplifting experience.

Chocolate Pizzas come in actual pizza boxes (creating anticipation before the box is opened). What recipients find when the box is open are generous toppings – everything from pretzels and nuts to favorite candies, caramels and marshmallows. Mix and match these sweet additions for the perfect holiday gift.

Combos are no ordinary holiday treats. Our Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings combos are fun, family-friendly, delectable – and they’ll be a huge hit. Turn the time-honored tradition of chocolate holiday gifts on its head. Unique. Delicious. Impressive.™

Allergy note: All of our products are produced in a facility and on machines that share peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, milk and soy.

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